• Jul 26, 2016
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Basement Inspiration and Ideas

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Basements can be tough rooms to decorate. They usually just turn into a random storage place with boxes, unused items and holiday decorations. Let's change that and make it a room you would actually enjoy living in. Here are some ideas on how to redo your basement. 


If you have younger children a playroom would be perfect for them. Keeping all of their toys and games out of the way and in a neat and organized fashion would create a great use of the space in your basement.

Basement Playroom
Photo Credit: HGTV

Game Room/Bar/Theater

If you have older kids a game room or home theater may be more functional. A game room and theater is not only going to be fun for the kids but for you and any guests that come as well. These ideas are ways for you, your friends and family to enjoy themselves, relax and let out some stress. A game room doesn't have to consist of much, if you want to go all out a pool or Foosball table would be perfect. Having a bar close to your game room would be a perfect place to entertain and enjoy each other's company. With a large screen with comfy seating right in the same area you will be all set to let lose, watch a movie, and play some games.

Basement Game Room
Photo Credit: HGTV

Wine Cellar

If you are an avid wine lover than a wine cellar would be perfect for you. Having a place to house your wine collection is a great way to make use of your space. Wine can take up a lot of room if you have enough of it, that is why having a way to store them all like with class refrigerated cabinets or wine racks will certainly come in handy.

Basement Wine Cellar

Photo Credit: HGTV


Do you need space to get your work finished? Well, the basement could be a perfect space if you have extra room. You can turn this area into an office to keep all your paperwork hidden away.

Photo Credit: HGTV


If you are someone who works out you may want to invest in your own personal gym. Having a large space, like a basement would be ideal to put all of the equipment and get a fabulous workout right from your home.
Basement Gym
Photo Credit: HGTV

Guest Suite

If you are someone who has many guests over, but no room to put them, converting your basement into a guest suite would be the best way to use that space.

Basement Suite

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